The primary goal of The International Society for Vascular Health (ISVH) is to achieve high levels of vascular health in individuals and the population as a whole. ISVH worldwide is a not-for-profit charity established under French law (1901).

ISVH seeks to catalyse clinical cooperation between health-care professionals in disciplines such as cardiovascular therapy, diabetes, thrombosis, nephrology, lipidology and a broad spectrum of others to actively promote vascular health and wellbeing.

ISVH aims to be a catalyst for cooperation between medical professionals, health educators, diagnostic and general health care professionals as well as the pharmaceutical and medical industry to actively promote vascular health and well-being.

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A studious and dynamic year in North Africa and in the Middle-East for ISVH

Endorsed by the ISVH and with the active collaboration of Professor Roland ASMAR, Administrative Director of ISVH, the Foundation -Medical Research Institutes has organized several meetings of CME in Beirut, Istanbul and Casablanca. These meetings had a great success and a numerous audience and were all rewarded by excellent overall assessments.

Detailed programms, evalutations and photos in ISVH Middle East North Africa – Meetings / Events

- Istanbul, Turkey in December 2012

- Istanbul, Turkey in April 2013

- Casablanca, Marrocco in May 2013

- Beirut, Libanon in August 2013


A joint Session ISVH-Eastern Countries & Russian Association of Specialists in Functional Diagnostics (RASFD)

took place at the Krokus Expo – Moscow, RUSSIA, on Thursday May 30th, 2013.


Chairmen:  ROGOZA A (Russia), BENETOS A. (France)

Speakers:  BENETOS A. (France), ASMAR R. (France), KOTOVSKAYA Y. (Russia), ROGOZA A. (Russia), ZELVEIAN P. (Armenia), TOPOUCHIAN J. (France)

Detailed programm, minutes (in russian) and photos in Meetings / Events


Joint Session ESH-ISH and the International Society of Vascular Health and Aging (ISVH)

Several CME Meetings in North Africa and Middle East endorsed by the ISVH - December 2012 to August 2013

ISVH Eastern Countries & RASFD, MOSCOW, MAY 30th 2013

Kiev, 23rd Sept. 2011 ISVH East Congress

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